“For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison”  2 Corinthians 4:17

When I go to church I always ask the Lord to lead me to the hurting people in the room. During worship as I was scanning the room the Lord showed me a man and as soon as I saw him I convulsed in pain. I then went into a vision . . .

I saw a huge railroad car sitting on the tracks. It wasn’t moving. It was just sitting on the tracks. There was a heavy fog around it. I sensed that the man had a heavy weight he was bearing that seemed almost like oppression. I could see that this person had a dream and a vision, a desire from God, but was unable to move on it. There was something heavy that was weighing him down. I could literally feel his frustration. It reminded me of my own struggles and I shed a tear as I continued to watch. As I gazed at the man and the vision I suddenly saw something burst through the fog. It was a huge locomotive barreling down the track at full speed! And God spoke this word to me, He said . . .

“The heaviness that he feels is not of the enemy. It is the weight of my glory that is upon his life!”

I knew that I had to speak this word into his life. As I was about to go to him the Lord spoke again and said . . .

“Speak the word openly to the entire congregation for this is a corporate word that I am doing in many!”

He also told me that if I spoke it openly the Pastor would preach on it!

So I did.

And he did!

I’m sharing the word here with you as well. I believe this is true of what the Lord is doing in many today.

Be blessed . . .

You have been sensing a heaviness upon you life and it feels like a weight pulling you down. You have a God given dream and vision but every time you try to move forward it feels to heavy to move. So heavy at times that you’ve thought about giving up on the dream. You have been thinking that this heaviness is an attack of the enemy. But it is not. The heaviness you have been experiencing is not from the enemy.

 It is the, Weight of His Glory that is upon your life!

 You have a high call from God. And because of the heaviness of the calling it has been difficult to begin to move in it. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up! As you feed the fire-of-desire the coals of his presence the furnace will begin to burn. As it does, the wheels will begin to turn. Slowly at first because of the massive weight of his glory you are carrying. Continue in faith believing that this desire is of God and continue feeding on the fire of His word. As you do, this train will begin moving along the track that He has placed you on and you will reach an acceleration that will clear the fog. Once you are up to speed there will be no stopping you – for this train cannot stop on a dime! For the same heaviness that seemed to be pulling you down is the very Weight of His Glory that will propel you forward. Do not give up! You are on the right track!

Well it turns out that the Pastor grew up in the Midwest by a railroad station. He began to tell the story about how as kids they would watch the trains come and go. They would see huge railroad trains go on for what seemed like miles. And as kids they wondered how they could ever move. They looked so heavy!


They would watch as the Conductor would start the locomotives. Everything seem so slow at first. There would be a small puff of smoke from the smoke stack, then a little steam. They would hear a loud clanking noise as the coupling rods began to jerk. They would jerk then stop, jerk then stop until finally the wheels on the train would gradually begin to turn. But the wheels would just spin in place and then they would stop again. This seemed like it went on forever until finally the wheels would catch! And the locomotive would begin to slowly move forward. They could hear all the clanging sounds of from the weight of the cars being pulled together.

Then the train would finally start to move down the track. So slow at first that the kids would simply walk along side the train. It was easy. As the Trainmen kept feeding the fire the train would gradually pick up speed and they would have to walk faster. Soon they would hear the rumble of all the wheels turning, the sound of the steam hissing and train whistle blowing which meant the train was getting up to speed. They would have to run to keep up. But it didn’t last long as eventually the momentum from the weight would propel the train and they couldn’t keep up at all. What was once just a huge heavy weight sitting on a track was now somebody’s ride into the their tomorrow! It was glorious to watch!

There is something else that the Pastor said that I would like to share. It’s about that dream and vision God gave you to carry. You know, that desire of your heart. Well it turns out that the word desire means “of-the-sire” or “of the Father” in other words that very dream and vision you long for originates from God himself! Now wonder it’s so heavy!

Don’t give up! You are carrying a God given dream! A precious load that is of the Father! And although it seems weighty at first, remember, that is the very weight that will be the momentum to carry you down the track!

As I’m writing this I see the train from the third Back to the Future movie! Better hold on tight! Because the Weight of His Glory is about to catapult you . . .

Into your future!

joeyrochaframe2Joey Rocha is a Prophetic Writer and Artist. The Lord ministers through him with prophetic dreams and visions. His heart is to see others healed and delivered so that they too can hear God, begin to dream again and partake in the abundant life, the future and hope that God has planned for all of us! His ministry, Listen to the Wind encourages believers to listen to the Holy Spirit who is speaking today in many ways (Job 33:14). Follow Joey on SPIRIT FUEL.


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